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SolStar Network is the telecommunications service provider for the Bentsen Palm Development. SolStar Network’s services include cable television, high-speed Internet access and digital telephone. SolStar delivers quality services at competitive rates with a strong focus on customer service. Bundled service packages are available for increased value. SolStar’s office is located within the Bentsen Palm Development (at the south end of the Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort). SolStar’s customer service line is (956) 316-4090. New home buyers in the Bentsen Palm Development will enjoy SolStar’s ‘Triple-Play Basics’ package FREE for 90-days.

Cable Television
SolStar offers hundreds of standard digital channels and HD digital channels for your viewing pleasure. Premium movie channels, pay-per-view, DVR, sports packages, CD-quality music channels, and Spanish language programming are also available.

Broadband Internet
Utilizing proven and reliable technology, SolStar Network offers dedicated broadband services to our subscribers. A fiber optic backbone delivers Internet connectivity to our Network Operations Center (NOC). This enables SolStar to deliver up to 99.99% uptime reliability.

Digital Phone
Using a simple phone adapter and your existing broadband connectivity, SolStar Network can offer flat-rate phone service at substantial savings over traditional land-based phone service. SolStar’s digital phone service includes unlimited local and nationwide long distance, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, local number portability (keep your current phone #) and more. Also, there is no need for additional wiring as the voice traffic utilizes the existing broadband infrastructure.

Bentsen Palm Development - 2500 S. Bentsen Palm Drive - Suite 267B - Mission, Texas 78572 - (956) 381-1500 - McAllen Real Estate